Bortko is not afraid of Woland

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In Saint-Petersburg the shootings for the new TV-series of Vladimir Bortko started. So far no other Russian director succeeded in putting The Master and Margarita on screen.

Director Yuri Kara made a film, but that one did not (yet) reach the theatres. Some known superstitious actors refused a role in the series. But Bortko himself is not afraid of Woland or other evil forces.

A TV-series is often considered as less than a movie picture, but Bortko doesn't mind. Only television offers the opportunity to tell a seven hours story.

Actor Ivan Krasko, who played already in more than 40 movies, has a minor role with only a few lines of text - he's one of the taxi drivers who got fake money. He only needed one day of shooting but he obviously liked it very much.

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