Bulgakov house open again

January 7, 2007

The size of the damage, caused by the vandals to the archives and the childrens' theater of the Bulgakov house is estimated at at 100.000 USD.

“We will be able to restore more than half of the exhibiton. Some photos and documents we will gather from pieces, slightly retouch and restore. Although, unfortunately, there are irreplaceable losses”, deputy director Svetlana Kostina said.

The previous manager of the museum, Ekaterina Avdyushkina, explained that the museum was attacked by a group of six people. Among them were Alexander Morozov, his son, his wife, and some fundamental orthodox friends who were against the museum.

On its website the Bulgakov house announces that it will be open again on January 8, 2007. The Bulgakov house is situated at the first floor of the building, but the archives and the childrens' theatre are at the 4th floor in apartment 51, right in front of the competing museum of the Bulgakov foundation which is situated in apartment 50, the so-called haunted apartment from The Master and Margarita.

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