Музыка Вадима Егорова

12 сентября 2011 г.

Today we added to the website some music and video material about the song Патриаршие пруды (Patriarshiye Prudy) or The Patriarch's Ponds made by the Russian bard Vadim Yegorov.

Yegorov recorded this song on his CD Я Вас люблю мои дожди (Ya vas lyublyu moy dozhdi) or I love you, my sprinkle in 1995. He describes the charm which emanates from the Patriarch's Ponds, but also his fear that it might disappear under the pressure of commercial interests. He therefore calls on the help of Woland, Margarita and Behemoth. And in the end, he warns those who want to destroy this place: "Think of the oil which Annushka spilled ".

Вадим Егоров

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