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It's amazing how many movie adaptations there exist of The  Master and Margarita. I know there are some twelve films made of it, and two others are being prepared.


Giovanni Brancale (2008) - Italian
Vladimir Bortko (2005) - Russian
Ibolya Fekete (2005) - Hungarian
Sergei Desnitsky (1996) - Russian
Yuri Kara (1994) - Russian
Paul Bryers (1992) - English
Maciej Wojtyszko (1990) - Polish
Andras Szirtes(1990) - Hungarian
Aleksandr Dzekun (1989) - Russian
Vladimir Vasilyev and Boris Yermolaev (1986) - Russian
Aleksandar Petrovic (1972) - Italian
Andrzej Wajda (1972) - Polish

Coming soon

Stone Village Productions (2012) - American
Rinat Timerkajev (2012) - Russian

In this part of the website you can see fragments from the adaptations of all of those films. I don't have images of the film of Sergei Desnitsky though. If you have them, or if you know how to get them, or if you know other movie pictures than the ones mentioned here, I kindly invite you to contact the webmaster.

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The selected fragments on this page are ordered following the chronology of the scenes in the novel and they are completed with images of the sources which Bugakov consulted and to which he refers, like the opera's Aïda of Giuseppe Verdi and Faust of Charles Gounod, and the vaudeville Lev Gurytsj Sinitsjkin of Dmitri Timofeyevich Lensky. You can also see some short animation movies like, for instance, Margarita, directed by Svetlana Petrova and Natalya Berezovaya.

You can use the menu on the right of this page to judge how the different directors presented some key scenes from The Master and Margarita.

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