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As a Belgian visitor you can't believe what you see when entering the store Gastronom nr. 1, formerly known as Yeliseyev's Emporium. Just try to imagine: you're in the heart of the city of Moscow, in the boistering shopping street Tverskaya close to Pushkin's monument, and absolutely overwhelmed by the biggest and most authentic art nouveau interior you've ever seen - except if you ever saw Horta's Peoples' House in Brussels before it was destroyed, of course.

But my thoughts are wandering: you're looking at the left, seeing the beers. A wall of Belgium. More Belgian beers than you ever can find in any store at home. From Hoegaarden over Brugs Witbier, Kriek from Belle-Vue, Lambiek from Mort Subite, all six trappist beers, Grimbergen to the inevitable Stella Artois, of course. When recovered from your astonishment you turn to the right where you see two rows of chocolate and truffles of which three-quarter consists of..  Côte d'Or, Leonidas, Guylian, Godiva and Neuhaus. A little further there are the cookies of, oh yes, Jules de Strooper, the freezer is filled with mussels and prawns coming from Pieters Visbedrijf. Yes, Yeliseyev's Emporium is the place-to-be for when homesickness appears.

The big store was built between 1898 and 1901 on Tverskaya ulitsa by Gabriel Vasilevich Baranovsky (1860-1920), the house architect of the Yeliseyev family, who was assisted for this project by Marian Marianovich Peretyatkovich (1872-1916). Baranovsky was really part of the family at Yeliseyev’s, since he was married to the daughter of  Grigory Yeliseyev. The Yeliseyevs operated from Saint-Petersburg where they built, between 1900 and 1903, an even bigger art nouveau store, also designed by Baranovsky. Architect Peretyatkovich participated to the building of the Pushkin museum and the Hotel Metropol in Moscow.

Metro: Пушкинская (Pushkinskaya), Тверская (Tverskaya)

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