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Копыто инженера

In the film Master i Margarita by Yuri Kara we can see a fragment which is not in the novel. It occurs at the end of the scene on Patriarch's Ponds, when Woland challenges Ivan Bezdomny to destroy an image of Jesus in the sand. Bulgakov had written this scene in The Hoof Of The Engineer, the very first version of The Master and Margarita he had made, but he had not retained it for the final version.

In The Hoof of the Engineer, the young poet is called Antokha Bezrodny. Bezrodny means without family. In the following versions of the novel his name will change into Ivanushka Popov, Ivanushka Bezrodny and finally Ivan Bezdomny, the homeless.

After the incident with the drawing of Jesus, Antocha will arrive in the Saint Basil's Cathedral, without knowing how it happened. Ivan the Terrible comes out of the doors of the Cathedral. Next there is the scene in the writers' house Griboedov and the poet bends up in the psychiatric hospital.

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