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Kristina Laine is the pseudonym of animation director and visual artist Kristina Žičkuté, born on April 11, 1982 in Palanga, Lithuania. After having got a Bachelor’s degree at the Vilnius Arts Academy in 2006, she got another Bachelor’s degree at the Animation department of the University of Applied Sciences in Turku, Finland, in 2007.

Laine is working with various types of media, including film, performances and traditional arts like illustrations and applied graphics.

Kristina Laine’s animated short films have already been screened on various festivals in Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Serbia and Russia.

In April 2006, Laine developed video art projections and illustrations for the theatre play Mestari ja Margarita, presented by the Department of Acting at the University of Tampere, Finland and directed by Neda Sokolovska.

In that same period, she was studying at the Animation department of the University of Applied Sciences in Turku where she made the short animation movie Meistras ir Margarita using the technique of painting on glass. The movie was premiered at Animatricks, an annual animation film festival in Helsinki, Finland.

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Painting on glass animation

Kristina Laine

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5 ' 13 "



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