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Lubimy czytać or We love reading is a Polish website, founded in 2010, which consists of a community of readers who discuss books and who comment on news from the world of books. They manage a database of books, write reviews, and publish news about authors and books.

Lubimy czytać has also created a mobile application which gives users unlimited access to their virtual bookshelves and the possibility to keep in touch with friends.

The website wants to create a strong community sharing a passion for literature, and also to propagate the use of e-books and any other new technologies. They work together with publishers and cultural institutions, festivals and book fairs in Poland.

End of 2014, Lubimy czytać organized a poll to make a Top-10 of the most read books in which, yes, Mistrz i Małgorzata or The Master and Margarita was the most mentioned. To celebrate this fact, the website created an animation summarising the story of the novel in 60 seconds.

Технические детали

Animation film


Lubimy czytać

Release date
February 2015

60 seconds



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