Bridgette Bad was born in Odessa, Ukraine and moved to New York City with her family at the age of 12. She spent her childhood making clothes for various dolls, which later progressed to drawing of human form and fashion. Her focus was always shifted towards art and fantasy.

She opened a design company called Born Bright Designs in 2003, which incorporated web and graphic design, photography, illustration and animation, videography and music production.

As a doll collector, Bad often found herself searching relentlessly for collectors' dolls and figurines. Oftentimes, she was not able to find what she was looking for and decided to try making the dolls herself. All of her dolls are One Of A Kind, meaning that only one of each made with no reproduction.

In 2009, she created the doll Margarita, after the actress Anna Kovalchuk who played the role of Margarita in Vladimir Bortko’s film The Master and Margarita. Bad’s Margarita is 9" tall and is made out of polymer clay. Her eyes are handmade separately with acrylics and polished sealer for a glass-like realistic effect. Her broom is handmade as well and is glued to the doll. She comes with a wooden mirror stand and has a golden chain attached to the top of her head for hanging. Her hair has been styled and cannot be re-brushed. It was Bridgette Bad's first sculpture.

Later she would also make a sculpture with the scene of the dancing faun.

Click here to see the scene with the dancing faun

Bridgette Bad often shows the the process of the creation of her dolls in The Making Of video’s.

Click here to see The Making Of Margarita

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