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Елена Куплина - Иван Бездомный    Елена Куплина - Коровьев    Елена Куплина - Бегемот   

Елена Куплина - Аннушка    Елена Куплина - Понтий Пилат     Елена Куплина - Иосиф Каифа   

Елена Куплина - Степан Лиходеев    Елена Куплина - Маргарита    Елена Куплина - Иван Варенуха   

Елена Куплина - Андрей Фокич Соков   


Elena Kunina (° 1958) was born and raised in Moscow, near the Patriarch's Ponds. As far as she can remember, she was drawing - always and every-where. She first went to art school and then she studied architecture. In 1980 she graduated in art history from the Faculty of History of the Moscow State University. Until 1990 she worked in some Moscow museums.

Elena made her first professional doll in 1987. All her dolls are unique. She works with modern materials made of polymer clay. She colors her works with oil paint, including the eyes. For her historical costumes Kunina uses original patterns from the corresponding time. Her dolls are in general on movable frames, allowing them to change positions.

She participated in many international exhibitions and has been awarded many international prestigious awards.

In 2005, Elena Kunina made a series of living dolls of characters from The Master and Margarita. Most dolls are 55 cm high, except for the Likhodeev doll, which is 38 cm high.

In 2006 she published a nice book about her work called Характерные куклы из полимерных масс or Typical dolls made of polymer clay.

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