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It seems almost impossible to make a movie or a theatre play with the sto-ry of The Master and Margarita. So many characters, fantastic scenes and overwhelming events in a such short time, it all puts high demands on tho-se who want to try it. Under the most favourable circumstances you will need a big budget for the project, or a huge dose of creativeness. And yet various directors have tried it, although they weren’t all very succesful.

But Bulgakov's masterpiece had great appeal for many other artists as well. Musicians, from classical to rock and even house dj's, designers, painters, dancers, sculptors and doll makers have been inspired by the no-vel. They weren't always succesful neither.

Another remarkable observation is the wide variety in covers and illustra-tions which have been made all over the world for the various translations of the novel. They show that this is not an ordinary book.

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