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Besides movie and theatre makers, there are also many musicians who found their inspiration in The Master and Margarita. The first one, and not the least, was Mick Jagger, who received the newly published novel in 1967 from his then girlfriend Marianne Faithfull, and who would, for the first time in the history of The Roling Stones, write a song alone, without the help of his musical twin brother Keith Richard.

The song Sympathy For The Devil was seized by many offended parents as another proof that rock and roll was demonic music, but it didn't help. The Stones are still playing the song on every concert, and the youngsters of the 21th century love it as if it was a song of their own era.

But many other artists wanted to express how they were inspired, moved or touched by certain scenes or by the novel as a whole. From classic to house, from jazz to folk, the palette is very colourful. You can use the menu on the right to stroll through it.

There's a possibility that I missed some musical adaptations of The Master and Margarita in this overview. So if you happen to know about others, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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