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Новости дня

In the cinemas of the Soviet Union, the achievements of the regime were regularly extolled, supported by images of happy people who were proud to contribute to the realisation of the socialist utopian society.

This video gives a nice overview of the favorite themes shown in those broadcasts of Новости дня (Novosti dnya) or News of the Day.

After a day of hard work, the men can relax with a beer from Moscow and a cigarette. The pigs at the collective farm have a good life, because they get a bath every day, and they are lovingly cared for by komsomolka Shura Kameshnikova, the best pig-tender of the farm. On the Black Sea coast, thousands of proletarians can relax in ideal conditions while they are enjoying an ice cream offered by their favorite ice cream lady.

Finally, under the watchful eye of Joseph Stalin himself, a group of marines from the Soviet fleet in the Pacific Ocean brings a joyful tribute to the technological marvels which are constantly produced in the Soviet Union.

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