Glory To The Cock!

Eight bottles of dry white Ai-Danil

Ai-Danil is a white wine from the Crimea (Ukraine). I never tried it myself, but in March 2004, a bottle Ai-Danil Furmint-Harslevelu, vintage 1892, was sold by auction for 2.466 English pounds in Londen.

The vent-pane

The vent-pane is a so-called форточка [fortochka]. It’s a small window in the bigger window for the purpose of ventilation. These fortochkas are extremely practical in the Russian winter, when some ventilation is wanted without needing to open the entire double window.

A fortochka
A fortochka

With the third crowing of the cock

Bulgakov interweaves the theme of vampires being afraid of the dawn with the biblical story of Peter’s denial. (Matthew 26:69-75; Mark 14:66-73; Luke 22:54-62; John 18:25-27).

The movie theatre

There was and still is a movie theater at Triumfalnaya ploshad nr. 3 in Moscow, across the Garden Ring where Rimsky takes the taxi. First called Khanzhonkov, then Mephrabpom, then Gorn, then Moskva. This is still its name, but today it is also known again as the Khanzhonkov’s House Cinema. It is one of the few theatres to show only Russian-made films.

This movie theatre with 500 seats was created in 1913 by the famous film director Alexander Alekseevich Khanzhonkov (1877-1945).

Leningrad station

If there ever was a glass vault or cupola in the Leningrad station, then it is no longer there. Substantial reconstructions in the late Soviet days have altered the form of all but the front of the station today.

Leningrad station
Leningrad station

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