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Two museums

Early 2004, a fistful of enthusiastic Bulgakov-adepts succeeded to organise a museum in the building at Bolshaya Sadovaya ulitsa number 10. It all started well on May 15, 2004 with more than 500 people at the reception, but later discord arose and now there are two competing museums in the same building.

The nicest one is not situated in the haunted flat - that's where their competitors are - but on the ground floor. Itis driven by the almost fanatic enthusiasm of a rather young team which takes quite some initiatives like the organisation of Bulgakov excursions (during the day and at night), the management of the Café 302-bis and the development of a theatre for children. They also organise many cultural events in and around the museum. A peculiar detail: the storage room of the Bulgakov house, and the workshop of its childrens' theatre are situated in apartment number 51, right in front of the entrance of the notorious apartment number 50, where are situated their rivals.

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