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Paul Fröhling

Paul Fröhling was born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1989, and finishedsecondary studies in 2009. After 9 months in civil service, he started studying Media Design in Stuttgart. After two semesters he switched to the Pforzheim University, where he studied Intermediales Design. Intermediales Design could be described as a fusion of graphic design and technology such as prototyping and programming. So he’s not just a designer, but also a programmer. Now he is specialising in Computer Science at the Technische Universität in Kaiserslautern.

For his Bachelor thesis, Paul Fröhling developed a so-called interactive graphic novel of The Master and Margarita. While the user watches an illustration on an iPad, the music, light and info screens change depending on the scene. He made a video about it, which he published on the Vimeo website, and which also can be viewed on this website by clicking the menu on the right of this page.

Paul Fröhling's thesis and a complete overview of the illustrations he made for his application can be seen on his blog. They are also available in the Archives section of this website.

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