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Erika Pal

On the Internet, in a hidden corner of her website, I found a Flash animation which Erika Pal made ​​about the encounter scene with the yellow flowers from The Master and Margarita.

This Flash animation was made in 2007 on Pal's university BA Illustration and Animation course. She was given a task to present an innovative idea on how text and image co-exist, with only a week to complete the work. She had no time to set up a rostrum camera so she scanned more than 50 drawings and rendered the movement digitally in Macromedia Flash.

Erika Pal: "With the freedom of choosing any text, I randomly opened a page of one of my favourite novels - The Master and Margarita. The line read: 'It’s an ugly colour'. These words set off one of those wonderful surreal chance encounters in the novel that occur on many levels ranging from the profound to the mundane. I wanted to depict this seemingly mundane episode as a miserable transitory phase, but very poetic. Such contradic-tions inspire me, but the reason I particularly like this novel is that Bulgakov doesn’t underestimate his readers’ imagination!"

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