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«Your book shelf says who you are». From 2008 to 2012, Friedl' Lesage talked every Sunday morning on the Belgian Radio 1 with interesting people about the books which have influenced their lives. A conversation about dog-eared pages and bro-ken ridges during which Friedl' likes to read between the lines.

For one hour, a central host talks about his five favorite books. It can be books from childhood or college years. A book offered by someone important, at a particular time or a pleasant place. Or a book which triggered a collection of a specific author or on a particular subject. But it can also be a classic, a cookery book, a travel guide or an album with pictures.Or a book which the host wants to offer as a present.

On October 24, 2010, singer Stef Bos told how he learned to know The Master and Margarita through his literature teacher Michel Ukov, a man with a Russian father, a Dutch mother and who was raised in Brussels.


   Listen to the conversation - 07' 00''


Friedl' Lesage

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