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Maximilian Andreevich Poplavsky is the uncle of the late Berlioz. He came to Moscow with the first-class sleeping car no. 9 of the Kiev train. He is an industrial economist, who lives in Kiev on the former Institutsky Street, and received an astonishing telegram from his wife''s nephew: "Have just been run over by tram-car at Patriarch's Ponds funeral Friday three pm come. Berlioz."

Maximilan Andreevich does not rejoice in the spring flooding of the Dnieper, for some unknown reason he doesn't like Kiev, there's only one thing he really wants: moving to Moscow. The telegram staggers Maximilian Andreevich. This is a moment it would be sinful to let slip. "Practical people know that such moments do not come twice". It is difficult, very difficult: he must get himself registered, at least temporarily, as the tenant of his late nephew's three rooms. So he goes to the management of no. 302-bis on Sadovaya Street because, as he says: "I am obliged, in accordance with the law, to take over the inheritance contained in our apartment no. 50".

But in the apartment he is received by Woland's retinue, where especially Behemoth puts up a good show. They intimidate the uncle in such way that, after first having withnessed Sokov's befall with the diabolic trio from a distance, he's carried by the bus in the direction of the Kiev station.


It may be surprising why the story needed an uncle from Kiev - or maybe not... it could come from the Russian saying "в огороде бузина, в Кеве дядя" (v ogorode buzina, v Kyeve dyadya), literally: "elderberries in the garden, an uncle in Kiev", which roughly means "nonsense".

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