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Кэти Брукс

Katie Brooks grew up in Belgium, but she works and lives in London. In 2011 she graduated at the Illustraties department of the Camberwell College of Arts. Despite her young age, Brookes had already exhibitions in Brussels, Geneva and London.

In June 2010, in her last year at the Camberwell College of Arts, she created the Flash animation The Master and Margarita.

Katie Brooks: "Having grown up in Belgium my inspiration stems from Flemish renaissance paintings, their biblical symbolism and composition. I am interested in extremes of narrative, physical being and extremes emotion in various sorts. I play with distorted forms and the grotesque, heaven to hell ratios, people never just going about their daily lives but pushed into uncomfortable circumstances. I rely on my drawings and use of different weighted lines to tell a story within an image. My work is quite dark and fleshy but more often than not with a comical light tone. I experiment with a variety of different media, to create my desired effect and experiment with ways of producing an image. My desire to explore dark subject matter lead me to study taxidermy, which I regularly practice and try to push the boundaries further than the traditional ways of displaying an animal".

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