Margarita Adjani

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Isabelle Adjani

In 2008, the French actress Isabel Adjani was chosen by the Russian businessman Evgeny Yakovlev to impersonate Margarita in a series of photographs for the exhibition Le Maître et Marguerite, Création Photographique, which was accomplished by the French photographer Jean Daniel Lorieux. The exhibition was so successful in Paris that it was extended. Then it moved to Moscow, where it was opened by the actor Alain Delon.

On the shooting on streets, parks and hotels of Moscow, queen Margot became the great loving Margarita. "Adjani did not want us to make corrections on these pictures”, explains the initiator of the project. “She said to me that it were the best photographs of her life. "

And indeed, the magnetism of her look and the expression of the face show the talents of a great actress.

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