Margarita Larionova

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Inga Larionova

Margarita Inga Larionova is a beautiful Russian woman living in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. She's a little older than Margarita in the novel but who cares? The real Margarita must be some hundred years old by now, is it not?

Inga is the incarnation of the soft, sweet, tender and optimistic aspect of Margarita. She always searches for the good, but she's not afraid of the evil. She's always trying to please her beloved ones and to care for them, but she can turn into a real witch to fight for what or for whom she loves. And she doesn't need Azazello's cream for it. Her engaging smile has succeeded to convince more than one customer in the boutique where she works, to spend much more than he initially had planned.

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