Margarita Uskova

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Alexandra Uskova

She's a beautiful Russian woman coming from Cherkassy in Ukraine, but since a few years she prowls around Wavre in Belgium: please, allow me to introduce to you Margarita Alexandra Uskova.

She's got the same age as Margarita in the novel - that is: at the moment these lines are being written -, and she makes a profound impression on those who meet her for the first time. It can help to win her sympathy if you say, parenthetically, that The Master and Margarita is your favourite novel. But, now that I think of it, this goes for many Russian women. Alexandra is a bundle of energy, passionately driven for what or for whom she loves, whether it be family, friends or colleagues, or her (unsightly) sphynx cat Kyla of which I have the questionable honour of being its godfather. In Alexandra's company you never get bored, which is not always good, especially not if you're the one she appointed to be her practical teacher for her driver's lessons...

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