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When you read a book for the first time it is inevitable to visualize the characters. But your impression may not correspond to the image the author had in his mind when he created the character. And it may differ from the impression of the other readers.

Bulgakov presents Margarita for the first time when the Master talks about her to Ivan in the hospital. He is sparing of information on her appearance though. She was wearing a black spring coat, and she was beautiful with an extraordinary loneliness in her eyes. The sound of her voice was rather low, slightly husky. And she was intelligent.

In chapter 19 Bulgakov is more specific. He decribes how Margarita was combing her short curled hair in front of the triple mirror. So she looked maybe like Bulgakov's third wife Elena Sergejevna. But Azazello's cream would cause a metamorphosis. Margarita's eyebrows, plucked to a thread with tweezers, thickened and lay in even black arches over her greening eyes. The hairdresser's waves in her hair came undone and in the mirror she saw a naturally curly, black-haired woman.

It still leaves much room for the readers' imagination, doesn't it? To me it happend four  times that I thought: "Ah! Margarita!" when I met a woman or saw her photograph. Maybe because of the appearance, maybe because of the personality. Or probably because of the combination of both. Use the menu at the right to get acquainted.

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