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The Danish Århus Teater exists since the year 1900 and has not less than 5 scenes. On the main scene is staged a new adaptation of The Master and Margarita, from February 10 to March 6, 2010 .

Director Christoffer Berdal had previously been quite successful in brin-ging on stage great Russian literary works, and he did that again. The piece seems to delight the spectators: shortly before closing time on the first day of the performance, the largest bookstore in Århus, Vangsgaards, announced that all copies of the novel were sold out.

Although Denmark anno 2010 has got not much in common with the 30s in the Soviet Union, we can easily draw parallels to our society today, says director Christoffer Berdal. "Stalin was only focused on the community and it is as if, today, we only focus on the individual. But neither is in itself a good basis for a decent society - the two must be in harmony with each other. I think that, in a society as rich as the one of today, we should culti-vate art, culture and religion".

People who have seen the piece say it was a pleasure to follow the combi-nation of seriousness, fantasy and often happy irony to in a very balanced staging by Christoffer Berdal and an elegant set design by Thomas Bjørna-gers, dominated by a life-size book.

The piece is accompanied by a small but professional musical group led by singer Channe Nussbaum, who also plays the role of Hella. She's accompanied by the violinist Mette Smidl of the Klezmer Trio and the Serb accordionist Branko Djordjevic. The spoken word is often interspersed with dramatic Slavic folk music.

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Århus Teater
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From February 10 to March 6, 2010

Niels Ellegaard, Mette Døssing, Lars Junggreen, Lars Høy, Kristine Nørgaard Søren-sen, Kim Veisgaard, Karen-Lis Ahrenkiell, Inge Sofie Skovbo, Ashok Peter Pramanik

Channe Nussbaum, Mette Smidl and Branko Djordjevic


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