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Fragments was founded in 2008 by Shane Dempsey, Hannah Burke and Tom Flannery. Fragments is an international ensemble of theatre & video practitioners based in Ireland and London. Their work is inspired by the European model of a resident ensemble, that creates detailed work over a pro-longed length of time. They place a major emphasis on the unique value of creative collaboration. Hannah Burke, who is their writer in residence, is responsible for the development of new writing that is inspired by working closely with the actors in the rehearsal room.

Fragments have been granted permission to adapt The Master and Marga-rita. The Ensemble will apply their diverse physical skills to this modern classic. Featuring a cast of 13 highly actors, this high octane, vibrant re-telling will be played with incredible physical panache and invigorate the senses.

Fragments programmes a wide range of work including film, new writing projects and quirky re-workings of European classics. The international ensemble consists of members from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Russia, Uganda and Lithuania.

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Practical details

Shane Dempsey

Edinburgh - The Big Red Door - August 12-20, 2010

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