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These days you can find many drawings and illustrations of The Master and Margarita on the deviantART website. It's the biggest online social network for artists and art lovers, which is used by mainly young artists to show their works to the world. Most of those artists want to show their works, rather than revealing their personal details. So it's not always easy to find out who is hiding behind the nicknames and the avatars.

One of those artists presents herself as Boring Bear. Her real name is Averil Bartlett, born on December 26, 1993. She's studying Classics, 20th Century History and Art at the Exeter College, United Kingdom, and comes from a family of artists.

She shows three pages on deviantART: two pages telling the scene in which Behemoth tears off the head of George Bengalsky, the master of ceremony at the Variety Theatre, and one about the meeting of the Master and Margarita.

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