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Eirene Wang (°06/01/1991) is a multicultural artist and writer. In 2013, she's got a Bachelors of Arts at the Black Studies Department of the Amherst College in Massachusetts, United States. She has loved comics ever since she discovered Hergé’s Tintin in her school library in Montreal, Canada. Using comic books to explore the world and familiarize herself with French, her third language, Eirene has found other ways to learn more about different people, cultures, and places.

As an undergraduate, Eirene Wang nurtured her passion for language, international development and art. So she studied Russian, Arabic and Swahili, and she went abroad as part of the Bard-Smolny’s Summer Language Program. She has also served as an English as a Second Language Tutor and a Peer Russian Tutor.

Currently a speaker of five languages, Eirene has studied abroad in Argentina and Russia and worked in grassroots development in South Africa and Sierra Leone. As a lover of travel and foreign languages, Eirene currently lives in Khabarovsk, Russia, where she is busy teaching English, trying new foods, and of course, working on new comics projects.

On June 27, 2013, she published on her blog Eirene Wang Comics the first page of what could become a comic strip adaptation of The Master and Margarita. The page is written in Russian and it is entitled Никогда не разговаривайте с неизвестными or Don't Talk To Strangers.

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