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Bettina Julia Egger is a cartoon artist and illustrator who was born in Innsbruck (Austria), but who lives and works in Rennes (France) now. In 2004 she obtained an Arts degree at the Sorbonne in Paris, and in 2006, she’s got a Master degree in Plastic Arts at the Université de Haute-Bretagne in Rennes.

She has already had several exhibitions, and in 2008 she won the First Prize at NextComic, an international competition for comic strips in Linz (Austria).

In 2012, Bettina Egger started an ambitious project. She wanted to tell the story of Mikhail Bulgakov and The Master and Margarita in comic strip format. She went to Moscow to visit the places of the novel, and to have discussions with people who know Bulgakov and his work well. The drawings and sketches which Bettina made on her discovery of Moscow can be followed on her blog.

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The result of all this labour is the album Moscou endiablé, sur les traces de Maître et Marguerite or Moscow in Rage, in the footsteps of the Master and Margarita, which has been published in June 2013 by the publishing house Moule-à-gaufres.

It became, like The Master and Margarita, a fascinating work in three layers in which Bettina Egger interweaves the story of The Master and Margarita with the story of Mikhail Bulgakov's life and with her own exploration of the sources of the novel in Moscow. Highly recommended.

Технические детали

Bettina Egger

Moscou endiablé, sur les traces de Maître et Marguerite

Bettina Egger

Publication date
June 2013

Les éditions du moule-à-gaufres
Nancy, France

978 2 918567 17 2

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