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It is not known where and when Alexander Veljanov was born. In interviews, he speaks little about his private life. It is known that this singer of Macedonian origin studied Theater and Film Sciences in Munich and Berlin, until, in 1991, he quit school to focus totally the music and on the band Deine Lakaien. This band was founded by the classical pianist, conductor and composer Ernst Horn.

Besides working for Deine Lakaien, Veljanov also has many side and solo projects. His musical style cen’t be defined under one heading. It ranges from classical over pop and gothic to experimental and avant-garde.

In 2008 Alexander Veljanov recorded Porta Macedonia It was released in several versions, including a deluxe-edition CD and a vinyl version. Both these versions contain songs which don’t appear on the regular CD. One of those is the song Der Meister und M, based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Технические детали

Alfred Schnittke - Мастер и Маргарита

Porta Macedonia (CD Deluxe)

Alexander Veljanov - vocals
Dragan Ginovski - guitar
Igor Vasilev - bass
Goran Trajkoski - synthesizer
Slobodan Kajkut - drums
Gjoko Alovski - trumpet
Sasho Nikolovski - trombone
Dzijan Emin - French horn
Gazmend Berish - eastern violin

Brevis Quartet
Vladimir Kostov - violin
Elena Talevska - violin
Marko Videnovich - viola
Paskal Krapovski - cello

Premium Records

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