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Eugene Aleksandrovich Glebov (1929-2000) was a Belarusian and Soviet composer and pedagogue, born in Roslavl in the Smolensk region. From his mother’s side, he was a descended from the princely family Sokol-Chernilovsky. His father’s family was a family of priests.

The young Glebov taught himself to play the mandolin, guitar and balalaika, and already in his early years he began to compose songs and ballads. He tried to enroll at the music school, but since he didn’t know music and had not been to any musical school before, his application was denied. So he enrolled in the Roslavl Railway College and, upon completion, worked as a reviewer of train wagons in Mogilev.

Eventually, Eugene Glebov succeeded to enter the conservatory in Minsk for the composition class of Anatoly Bogatyrev (1913-2003). In 1951 he created his first major work Fantasia for Piano and Orchestra. After graduation in 1956, Eugene Glebov became a teacher of theoretical disciplines, and later professor at the Belarusian State Conservatory. He held several positions in the Composers' Union of Belarus and was honoured as People's Artist of the USSR.

His emotional and unconventional symphonies and concertos, suites, oratorios and ballets include titles as Till Eulenspiegel and The Little Prince.

In 1975, Glebov wanted to write the opera The Master and Margarita, but he wasn’t granted the permission to do so. He wrote it after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991. The libretto was written by Eugene Glebov and Larissa Glebova, the composer’s wife. The opera was premiered at the Bolshoy State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Belarus in 1992.


    Eugene Glebov - Master i Margarita (Final)

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Eugene Glebov

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Vyacheslav Olegovich Tsyupa - director
Aleksandr Mikhailovoch Anisimov - conductor

State Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus
Minsk, Belarus, 1992

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