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The Russian poet and translator Aleksandr Avanesov, who is an expert on the work of the French singer Georges Brassens, also likes Mikhail Bulgakov, and in particular The Master and Margarita.

In 2005, he suggested the young Russian composer Konstantin Glazunov, who graduated at the Moscow University for Nuclear Research in 1999, to create a rock opera based on The Master and Margarita together. The libretto should reflect the novel's story as faithfully as possible. Together, they wrote 25 songs telling the whole story of the novel, from the encounter of Berlioz and Bezdomny with Woland at Patriarch's Ponds to the last flight of demonic suite. The project was developed as a two-hour performance which the creators themselves described as an art rock opera.

On May 15, 2008, on Mikhail Bulgakov's birthday, a few songs from the project have been represented at the Bulgakov House in Moscow, though it would take until January 9, 2011, before all recordings were realised. 20 artists cooperated, including Vladimir Yabchanik as the master and Mary Shorstova as Margarita.

The opera has never been performed yet in a full staging, but composer Konstantin Glazunov says on his Facebook page that he continues to believe that may happen.

Since August 2015, the songs are available as an album on the most popular music platforms like iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.


    Master i Margarita - Duet of the master and Margarita

Technical details

Master i Margarita

Master i Margarita


Konstantin Glazunov - music
Aleksandr Avanesov - lyrics


01. Встреча на Патриарших - Meeting on Patriarch's Ponds
02. Пилат и толпа - Pilate and the crowd
03. Смерть Берлиоза - The death of Berlioz
04. Лиходеев и Воланд - Likhodeev and Woland
05. Выход Жоржа Бенгальского - The exit of George Bengalsky
06. Ария душевнобольных - Aria of the mentally ill
07. Песня девушек из Варьете - Song of the girls at the Variety
08. Ария мастера - Aria of the master
09. Всё, что осталось нам - All which is left
10. Агония мастера - The master's agonia
11. Левий и смерть Иешуа - Levi and the death of Yeshua
12. Сон Пилата - The dream of Pilatus
13. Ария Маргариты - Aria of Margarita
14. Марго и Азазелло - Margo and Azazello
15. Полёт Маргариты - Margarita's flight - Part 1
16. В доме Латунского - At Latunsky's home
17. Полёт Маргариты - Margarita's Flight - Part 2
18. Перед балом - Before the ball
19. Великий бал у сатаны - Great ball at Satan's
20. После бала, милосердие Марго - After the ball, Margarita's charity
21. Извлечение мастера - The extraction of the master
22. Ресторан «Грибоедов» - Restaurant Griboedov
23. Дуэт мастера и Марго - Duet of the master and Margo
24. Последний полёт - The last flight
25. Кода - Coda


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