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The Russian poet, playwright and singer-songwriter Vladimir Petrovich Zuev (°1976) was born in Kushva, a small town in the Sverdlovsk region in the Urals. He studied at the State Theatre Institute in Yekaterinburg.

Zuev wrote several plays, including Поезд жизни [Poyezd zhizin] or The Train Of Life in 2003, and published poetry like Глина тоски [Glina toski] or The Clay Of Melancholy in 2005.

Vladimir Zuev won several regional prizes for singing and poetry, and he published his theatre plays in various journals. In 2006 he won the Eurasia Prize for playwrights. As a singer, he also participated in the concerts of Арсенал [Arsenal], an initiative of musicians with whom he played in Chechnya in favor of the war invalids.

In 2006, Zuev released the CD Маргаритам и Мастерам [Margaritam i Masteram] or For the Margarita's and the Masters


Vladimir Zuev - The Master and Margarita

Vladimir Zuev - Monologue of Pontius Pilate

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Vladimir Zuev

Маргаритам и Мастерам
Margaritam i Masteram (2006)

Vladimir Zuev



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