I don't care (Я не забочусь)

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Margarita and Him (Маргарита и Он)

I don't care (Я не забочусь) – это ария из оперетты-фантазии Margarita and Him (Маргарита и Он) по мотивам романа Михаила Булгакова, либретто которой написал Ричард Тоумс, а музыку – Марина и Наташа Пикуль. Эта ария показывает превращение Маргариты в ведьму.

I don't care

I don't care any more what becomes of me,
I don't have a lot to lose it's plain to see. This could be the end, or a new beginning, could be there's a way to find my heart's desire, to see you again my love, I'm coming to you, kissing you soon, holding you tight, find me in the moon.
Up the path of moonlight !

I don't care, go to hell, that's enough for me, I'm off to the dance, I won't be coming home, tonight is the end of a sorry story, goodbye ! I'm suprised how good it feels to leave here ! You fools, just go back to sleep, I'm out of this world,
seizing the day, loving the night, don't forget to write !
I've become a witch !

Streets I have known forever,
pages of my life, should I cry ?
Wrong or right, death or delight...
Now the time has come, say good-bye

I don't care, now it's all down to destiny.
Hold tight ! Just relax, sit back and watch the show, up here, what a view, now I get the picture, down there I was just one among a million faces, but now look at me, I'm flying...
Up up and away, I'm never coming back.
This life's not for me, I'll see you all in hell, I'm off to the dance, don't look for me again, I'm gone forever,
I don't care !

Here you can see a performance from March 2008 in the Paços da Cultura S.João da Madeira, Portugal, by the soprano Iria Perestrelo, accompanied by one of the sisters

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