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Marina and Natasha Pikoul, twin sisters (° 30/03/1966) and co-writers, both graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory as composers and pianists and later obtained postgraduate qualifications at the Paris National Conservatory in the same disciplines. In 1993 Natasha received second prize in the Paris International Bach piano competition. Many of their compositions have been performed in Russia, Great Britain and France, and many have been published in Russia by The Soviet Composer.

In Moscow in 1989 they were the winners of the Contemporary Music Competition, and their winning composition was adopted as the obligatory contemporary work in the IX International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, 1990. In 2006, the Pikoul Sisters won the Grand Prize in World Music in the John Lennon Song Writing Contest. The winning song, Love is Out There is available at broadjam.com, along with other songs. The sisters live and work both in England and Portugal. In the Portuguese band San Simonthey are the writers, key-board players and backing vocalists.

The Pikoul Sisters wrote the fantasy operetta Margarita and Him after Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel, with lyrics by Richard Tomes. It was first performed in the Academia de Música de S. João da Madeira in Portugal, on Friday, April 13,2002, on the night of a full moon.

The song I don't care describes the scene in which Margarita transforms into a witch. On this site you can see a performance from 2008 in the Paços da Cultura S. João da Madeira, Portugal, by the soprano Iria Perestrelo, accompanied by one of the sisters.

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Iria Perestrelo (soprano)


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