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Toby J. Jenkins (°1974) is a composer from Somerset, United Kingdom, who lives and works in San Francisco, United States.

In 2002, he started publishing his music as The Squire Of Somerton with the Psychedelic Rock album Transverberations. In 2007, as Zan Pan, he released the album Sirens of Titan. When he started publishing his music under the alias Rollo Jean in 2009, the British newspaper The Guardian wrote: «With his strutting disco rock, this Bowie acolyte looks set to oust Mika and Scissor Sisters in the glam department».

One day, when Jenkins was living in London, a lady friend gave him The Master and Margarita as a gift. He never got around to reading the book after she gave it to him, but her description of it stayed in his subconscious. He lost the book over time and didn't think any more about it. A few years later, he was visiting a friend in Luxembourg, where he found The Master and Margarita on the book shelf. He started to read it and was suddenly absorbed and entranced by it and could not put it down.

That’s when Jenkins started composing the ballet score The Master and Margarita on piano. Later he orchestrated it using the score sheet software Sibelius.

Like the novel, the ballet is in 2 parts. It has not been represented on stage yet. Jenkins’ hope is to find, one day, «a producer and company to present this startling new ballet».


    Toby J. Jenkins - Never Talk To Strangers

Технические детали

Eduard Lazarev - Master and Margarita

Master and Margarita ballet excerpts and other music

Toby J. Jenkins

Produced with Sibelius score sheet software

1. Pontius Pilate - 04:38
2. Master Meets Margarita - 01:55
3. Never Talk To Strangers - 02:47
4. The Anointing - 01:22
5. Curtain Rise - 01:32

Release date
November 18, 2013



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