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Aleksandr Leonidovich Soynikov (°Gatchina, 13/01/1947) is a Russian composer who lives and works in Germany. In 1975 he graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in Leningrad.

In his works, he uses a variety of styles and trends. He wrote a number of symphonic and choral works, operas, ballets and music for theatre.

In 1986, Soynikov wrote the symphony Der Meister und Margarita. He had very precise guidelines for the stage setting. The stage should consist of three levels. At the lowest level is a piano. The pianist (Woland) wears a black suit and a beret. At the middle level is an orchestra with a violist (the master) in front. His costume should look like a straitjacket. At the highest level is an organist (Yeshua), dressed in a white chiton. During the performance of the symphony the spotlights may only focus on the players of the part which is being performed. The other musicians are staying in the dark. Only in the fourth part the whole stage is lit.

It is rather doubtful whether this symphony will ever be performed in the settings prescribed by Soynikov. So far, it has only been performed live once. That was on Larch 11, 2017 at the Lenin Memorial in Ulyanovsk, as part of the 55th International Music Festival.


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Aleksandr Sojnikov

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