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The Russian composer Andrei Pavlovich Petrov (1930-2006) got his reputation as a movie soundtrack composer in the sixties, He won more than one prestigious prize. In the years '80 and '90 he composed various successful concerts for violin and piano and symphonic works, among which the symfonic fantasia Мастер и Маргарита in 1984. Later the Boris Eifmans Saint-Petersburg Ballet Theatre would create a ballet on it.

Andrei Petrov was originally asked by Vladimir Bortko to write the soundtrack for his successful TV-series Master i Margarita, but later the order went to Igor Kornelyuk.


    Andrei Petrov - Мастер и Маргарита

Here you can listen to an excerpt of Andrei Petrov's symfonic fantasia.

Технические детали

Andrei Petrov - Master i Margarita

Master & Margarita (CD)

Andrei Petrov with
the Academic Symfonic Orchestra of the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonic

Schirmer Russian Music, 1985


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