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Igor Teodorovich Zhuk (°1951) comes from Ruda Seletskaya in the Lviv region (Ukraine) and now lives in Kiev. In 1972 he graduated from the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the State University of Lviv. Later he also became PhD in Mathematics. He has been working as a designer for a computer company, but since 2008 he's a researcher at the Ukrainian Institute for Space Research.

Igor Zhuk is very productiva as a script writer for theater and film, a writer of children's books, an organizer of exhibitions, a poetry and song writer, a painter and a singer. In 1972 he began writing songs which he sang while accompanying himself on guitar.

In 2003, Igor Zhuk wrote a cycle of three songs inspired by The Master and Margarita. They were never released on CD, but can be downloaded in different versions on the internet. The songs are titled Мастер (Master), Маргарита (Margarita) and Полет (Polet), or The Flight. The latter is sometimes offered as Последний полет (Posledny Polet) or The Last Flight, and sometimes as Азазелло (Azazello).


Игорь Жук - Мастер

Игорь Жук - Маргарита

Игорь Жук - Полет

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Igor Zhuk


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