Крокодил Гена

A popular character in the rich tradition of animated films from the '60s and '70s the Soviet Union was Крокодил Гена [Crocodile Gena]. Gena works in the zoo as a crocodile and enjoys playing harmonica. Her bosom friend is the bear-like creature Cheburashka.

One of the most famous songs is The Song Of Crocodile Gena, composed by Vladimir Yakovlevich Shaynsky (°1925) with lyrics by poet Aleksandr Lavrovich Timofeevsky (°1933).

In the film, the song is sung by Vasily Borisovich Livanov (°1935). It's an unconventional birthday song of which the line К сожаленью день рожденья Только раз в году [K sozhalenyu den razhdenya tolko raz v godu] or It is a pity that your birthday is only once a year is still sung by many children.

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