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Trish Clowes (°1984) is a young tenor saxophonist and composer from Shrewsbury, United Kingdom, who is now based in London following the completion of her studies at the Royal Academy of Music. She has been announced as a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist for 2012-14.

Her first album, Tangent, recorded in 2010, was an ambitious project that brought together free improvisations, small band numbers and full-scale orchestral pieces to create a fascinating collection of new music. Tangent is also the name of Clowes’ regular sextet but the album goes far beyond small group jazz to also feature Clowes’ writing for strings, full orchestra and voice. On her debute album, Clowes was accompanied by some of the brightest and most innovative of Britain's jazz musicians.

The tune that best showcases Clowes' range of abilities on Tangent is The Master and Margarita. It reflects the mystery and energy of the novel - the atmosphere is set up immediately by the emphatic playing from Clowes, accompanied by bassist Calum Gourlay, drummer James Maddren, cellist Louise McMonagle and trumpeter Freddie Gavita.


    Trish Clowes - The Master and Margarita

Technical details

Freska - Master i Margarita


The Master and Margarita - 8’ 52’’

Trish Clowes, saxophone
Calum Gourlay, bass
James Maddren, drums
Louise McMonagle, cello
Freddie Gavita, trumpet

Basho Records

Release date
November 1, 2010


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