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On August 8, 2014, the Russian TV channel NTV broadcast a report about the making of the musical Master i Margarita at the Music Hall theatre in Saint Petersburg.

NTV reporter Maria Sapozhnikova comments on the unique interactive technology which was used for the musical, while the actor Anton Avdeev, who plays the role of the master, argues that the music is so good that «every song could be a hit».

The musical director of the project is the Italian pianist and conductor Fabio Mastrangelo, who has been working in Russia for many years. No less than three directors are involved: Andrey Noskov, Sofya Sirakanyan and Timofey Zhalnin. For the rest, the organisors use the sequence 6, 6, 66, 66, 666 to characterise the musical - a diabolical series of numbers which stands for 6 composers, 6 librettists, 66 actors, 66 sets and 666 costumes. To complete the list, we should mention one illusionist - Maksim Kretov and one choreographer - Dmitry Pimonov.

The leading actors of the musical are Anton Avdeev and Nicholas Timokhin (both for the role of the master) and Ivan Ozhogin (for the role of Woland), and further Vera Sveshnikova and Maria Lagatskaya. The roles of these two actresses were not specified, but the press release Anna Kovalchuk, who was playing Margarita in the sensational film?». The sensational film to which they referred is the TV series Master i Margarita by director Vladimir Bortko, from which a Dutch subtitled version is available in our webshop.


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