LaFrae Sci - The Master and Margarita meets Jazz

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LaFrae Sci

On June 27 and 29, 2014, LaFrae Sci and The 13th Amendment? played two concerts with the Molodezhny Big Band and guest lead chanteuse Tamar Kali at the IVth Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival. There were 36 musicians on stage and a group of dancers. Actors interacted with the public as they entered the lobby, where Master and Margarita inspired art was exhibited by local students. The music ranged from classical to big band, rock, acappella vocals, tango, swinging jazz and improvisation.

In the winter of 2014, LaFrae and her band performed already songs of the project in Tirana, Albania, and at the Festival Sons d'Hiver 2014 in Paris, France. In 2012, they also played at the Independence Day Celebration in the Spaso House in Moscow, the place where Mikhail Bulgakov situated the Great Ball of Satan in The Master and Margarita.

On this video, LaFrae Sci and The 13th Amendment? perform the song Margarita's Theme in Paris.

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