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The Belly of the Whale is a pop music band from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The idea of the band started in 2003 when singer and keyboard player Libby Landvatter and bass guitar player Nicholas West met. Libby would write songs with crazy classical chord progressions and Nicholas would lay down rock sensibilities on top of them. By 2004 the band was officially called Chudda. Chudda went through a drum machine/dance evolution until they decided a fresh start was needed. Nicholas came up with the idea to have a theme for the group. The Belly of the Whale was born.

The Belly of the Whale wants to “explore the spaces between light and dark”. They are interested in dynamics. Musically, they search for dynamics with the instruments playing off of and contrasting with each other. Lyrically, they experiment with telling stories from all different perspectives. For example, they have songs about serial killers, nostalgia, the working class and, of course, the hero's journey.

Nicholas West explained that the idea of The Belly of the Whale comes from the American mythologist, writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion. In 1949 Campbell introduced the idea of the monomyth, a word borrowed from James Joyce. The idea is that all myths relatively tell the same story. So the Belly of the Whale moment is when the hero descends into a dark place before being reborn, as Jonah in the Whale, Jesus on the Cross, Buddha facing down the Devil, or Luke Skywalker's descent in The Empire Strikes Back. Every hero must have his journey into hell.

In May 2009, the band created the song Apartment Fifty, based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel.


    The Belly of the Whale - Apartment 50

Технические детали


Libby Landvatter - lead vocals, keyboards, comparative literature
John Hawkes - guitars, vocals, psyche
Nicholas West - bass, vocals, anger management
Danny Kopta - drums, robotics



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