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Sergei Yurevitsj Minaev (° Moscow, 1962) first attended the circus school, and then went to the Moscow theatre faculty GITIS. He started as a disc-jockey and then as a singer with a repertoire of translated Italian and American pop songs, often with a ring of irony.

His big breakthrough came in 1986 with the song Margarita, especially written for him by the Russian composer of popular tunes Yuri Chernavs-ky. Vladimir Shirkin, an old friend of Yuri Chernavsky, had taken him to the disco club Novorossiysk in Moscow, to make him listen to the young singer Minaev. Tsjernavski decided to write a song for him for a big show that the record company SPM Records wanted to organise at the Luzhinsky Sports Palace in Moscow. It was the first disco show with more than 10,000 spectators in the former Soviet Union. It was at the beginning of the period of glasnost and perestroika under Mikhail Gorbachev. The text of the song was written by the poet Alexander Markevich and was inspired by Mar-garita's flight on the broom.

The recording was made in 1986 in the home studio of Yuri Chernavsky. For the background vocals, he had convinced a number of known singers to work with him. They were all prepared to help the then young and unknown artists.

The song was not yet taken on a record though. Which didn’t keep Minaev from becoming extremely popular in the Moscow clubs. This popularity was due to the numerous magnitoalboms that circulated in Russia. Magnito-alboms - Магнитоальбом in Russian - were illegal amateur recordings on compact tape cartridges. In the 70s and 80s they were mostly distributed through the thousands of sales stalls which existed everywhere, often around subway stations or large markets. In Moscow and St. Petersburg also still teeming such stalls, but there are now selling - still mostly illegal - CD's and DVD's.

Because the original recordings were regarded as lost, it would take until 2002 before Margarita in the version of Minaev would appear on his compilation CD Назад в будущее (Nazad v budushchyeye) or Back to the Future. But meanwhile, another Russian singer, Valery Yakovlevich Leon-tev, had "hijacked" it...

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