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Zhumabek Karazhanov, a guitarist from Oral, the largest city of European Kazakhstan, graduated from the Korabelka or Shipbuilding Institute of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) in 1987. Already in 1981, when he graduated from high school in Oral, he played guitar with his band Чёрного Зала (Chyornogo Zala) or The Black Hall.

Although he is possessed by the music of the Beatles, Karazhanov is often involved in creative projects transcending the boundaries of pop music. When doing this, he generally finds his inspiration in poetry and literature.

In 2013, Karazhanov got remarked by his composition Requiem, which he performed together with Nadezhda Nupeshova, a cellist who plays with several orchestras in Oral and Viktoria Mullagulova, first violinist of the Urals State Symphonic Orchestra.

In June 2014, Karazhanov was inspired by The Master and Margarita when he composed the musical fantasy Бал Воланда (Bal Volanda) or Woland's Ball, which he performed together with Viktoria Mullagulova. Karashanov played three different guitars, and Mullagulova three different violins, which created an impressive and compelling sound.

Karazhanov often publishes his music on YouTube in videos with puppets animated by Marina Nekrasova. For Woland's Ball he used scenes from the famous TV series Master i Margarita by the Russian director Vladimir Bortko.


    Муллагулова и Каражанов - Бал Воланда

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Viktoria Mullaguova  - violins
Zhumabek Karazhanov - guitars

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