Психик Лырика - Un félin près du maître

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Psykick Lyrikah is a rap project from France. It started in 2001 as a group of 8 people with the release of a cassette with the title Lyrikal Teknik.  One year later they had a concert at the Rencontres Trans Musicales festival in Rennes, which was released as a live album by the label Idwet in 2003.

In October 2004 followed Des lumières sous la pluie, the first studio CD by Psykick Lyrikah, The number of band members was already reduced to two. They listen to the names Arm and Mr. Teddy Bear. On the CD Des lumières sous la pluie they were backed by guitarist Olivier Mellano for a couple of songs.

Early 2007, frontman Arm announced in an interview that Psykick Lyrikah had written a song which was based on The Master and Margarita, one of his favorite books. "The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov inspired 'Un félin près du maître' on the album Acte, the original version will be on the next album. Moments of hallucinatory lunar poetry".

And indeed, on the CD Acte, which was released in May 2007 and completely floats on the guitar of Olivier Mellano and the voice of Arm, they included the song Un félin près du maître or, freely translated, A Cat Near The Master. In the text of that song though, I couldn't hear many specific references to the novel, but this is probably due to the fact that my psychedelic empathy is no longer what it was in the 60s.

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    Психик Лырика - Un félin près du maître

Технические детали

Psykick Lyrikah

Acte (2011)

Arm - vocals
Olivier Mellano - guitar



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