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On December 14, 2007 a new, 17-years old popsinger was presented by the Ukrainian production company ICMG (Information and Communication Management Group) in the Alta Expo hall in Kiev. She was supposed to become a new phenomenon. Her artist name appeared to be Саша Дюма (Saha Duma) which was considered as rather strange. Because Саша Дюма is the pet name of Александр Дюма or Alexandre Dumas, the famous French author.

According to ICMG, all songs of Sasha Duma "are internal experiences and the dream of a young, extraordinarily romantic and tender girl". She would "charm by her naiveté and the depth of her lyric poetry" (sic). The production company says that she is undoubtedly a new idol and an example for the young and romantic generation.

Earlier that year, on July 6, ICMG had confronted the world with Sasha Duma for the first time by presenting the video clip of the song Не плачь, Марго! (Ne plach, Margo) or Don't Cry, Margo, which, according to the authors, would be inspired by the character of Margarita from Mikhail Bulgakov's novel. Producer is Alexander Seriy, the video clip was directed by Katya Tsarik and the song was written by Ruslan Kvinta (music) and Vitaliy Kurovskiy (lyrics).

The title is a quote from the novel. When, with the help of Woland, the Master is reunited with Margarita in Chapter 24, his first words are:

Мастер отстранил ее от себя и глухо сказал:
- Не плачь, Марго, не терзай меня. Я тяжко болен.

The master held her away from him and said in a hollow voice :
- Don't weep, Margot, don't torment me, I'm gravely ill.

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Sasha Duma - Ne plach, Margo

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Sasha Duma

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