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I know very little about the Russian singer Yuri Fadeev. I found his name by coincidence on i-Tunes when I introduced the lemma The Master and Margarita as a search term.

Yuri Fadeev is a Russian musician and singer performing his songs in English. On the channel Fadeev music, where he seems to have over four thousand fans, he presents ten songs. One of those is The Master and Margarita, which would have been released as a single in March 2011.

Yuri Fadeev's The Master en Margarita is a modern tango, also featuring Mark Dearing and Kim Snyder.

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    Юрий Фадеев - Мастер и Маргарита

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Yuri Fadeev

The Master and Margarita (2011)

Yury Fadeev
Mark Dearing
Kim Snyder

Yuri Fadeev


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