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Yuri Kouznetsoff wrote in 2006 a musical Master & Margarita which, to my knowledge, never got performed on stage. The music is written by Yuri Kouznetsoff, the lyrics are from the hand of Ashley Lambert-Maberly, the leader of The Broadway Chorus, an amateur musical company in Vancouver, Canada.

Composer Yuri Kuznetsoff recorded some of the songs of his musical Master & Margarita on CD. He offered us 12 copies of this CD. It was his contribution to support the development of this website and we wish to thank him for it.


Yuri Kouznetsoff - The Yellow Flowers

The meeting between the Master and Margarita, performed by Igor Portnoi (The Master)

Yuri Kouznetsoff - Words Upon the Page

An ode of Margarita to the skills of her lover, performed by Mary Hahn (Margarita)

Yuri Kouznetsoff - Fresh From the Fire

Woland prepares to invite damned souls for the Great Ball at Satan's, performed by Lawrence Cotton (Woland)

Yuri Kouznetsoff - So Much Work Ahead of Us

Woland's helpers have a lot of work to do to prepare the Great Ball at Satan's, performed by Sidney Perez and Doug Paterson (Koroviev and Behemoth)

Yuri Kouznetsoff - What Can I Give You?

Woland asks Margarita what she wants as a reward for her services at the Great Ball at Satan's, performed by Lawrence Cotton (Woland)

Технические детали

Yuri Kouznestoff - The Yellow Flowers

Master & Margarita (Mini CD)

Lawrence Cotton, Debbie Eckman, Mary Hahn, Yuri Kuznetsoff, Elizabeth McQuade, Doug Paterson, Sidney Perez, Igor Portnoi

Big World Sound, Vancouver, Canada, 2006

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