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Yuri Kouznetsoff wrote in 2006 a musical Master & Margarita which, to my knowledge, never got performed on stage. The music is written by Yuri Kouznetsoff, the lyrics are from the hand of Ashley Lambert-Maberly, the leader of The Broadway Chorus, an amateur musical company in Vancouver, Canada.

On the internet you can download a CD of this musical yet, which, however, contains only five songs.


    Yuri Kouznetsoff - The Yellow Flowers

The meeting between the Master and Margarita, performed by Igor Portnoi (The Master)

    Yuri Kouznetsoff - Words Upon the Page

An ode of Margarita to the skills of her lover, performed by Mary Hahn (Mar-garita)

    Yuri Kouznetsoff - Fresh From the Fire

Woland prepares to invite damned souls for the Great Ball at Satan's, per-formed by Lawrence Cotton (Woland)

    Yuri Kouznetsoff - So Much Work Ahead of Us

Woland's helpers have a lot of work to do to prepare the Great Ball at Sa-tan's, performed by Sidney Perez and Doug Paterson (Koroviev and Behe-moth)

    Yuri Kouznetsoff - What Can I Give You?

Woland asks Margarita what she wants as a reward for her services at the Great Ball at Satan's, performed by Lawrence Cotton (Woland)

Технические детали

Yuri Kouznestoff - The Yellow Flowers

Master & Margarita (Mini CD)

Lawrence Cotton, Debbie Eckman, Mary Hahn, Yuri Kuznetsoff, Elizabeth McQuade, Doug Paterson, Sidney Perez, Igor Portnoi

Big World Sound, Vancouver, Canada, 2006

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